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Transport Seating is a Supplier and Manufacturer of seats for Bus & Coaches, Motorhomes, Mini Vans and Marine such as Fast Ferries in Brisbane Australia. Our expertise is sought after for full car leather interiors. We supply seat turntables / swivels for Mercedes Sprinter, Iveco Daily, Ford Transit and VW T5.

Our design and development team, led by Managing Director Rod Ferguson, have been designing seats for Vehicles, Bus, Coaches, Motorhomes, Mini Vans and Marine for over 50 years. Our innovative seating solutions use only high quality components reducing maintenance and increase performance and comfort.

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Featured Seat

VOYAGER X-3 Series

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Nothing beats being able to talk to the Manufacturer locally in Australia, on the phone or face to face, especially if there is a problem, something that needs immediate action, we are here to help our customers quickly.

We can provide prototypes that you can evaluate with your own hands, avoiding long delivery times.

Our workshop is always open to our clients, we carry spare parts locally, and we work in a collaborative way to ensure the results meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

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