Motorhome seats and seating options
Motorhome seats
Transport Seating is proud to supply a high quality range of motorhome seats and seating options, which are designed with your safety and comfort in mind.
Our range for Motorhomes includes seats, fixed and recline, and also a sofa bed.

Prices shown are a guide only and are subject to increase without notice. A quote with prices fixed for 30-days will be supplied once we have received written confirmation of your full specifications.

Transport Seating is a manufacturing plant and does not have an internal sales facility or showroom. Please use the ‘Contact’ page on our website to make all retail enquiries.

Australia is extremely hospitable and offers exciting adventures for anyone who takes the opportunity to explore this Great Southern Land it is also one of the most demanding terrains in the world on equipment and passengers.

Transport Seating uses the latest Technology to design their first class range of seating for Motorhomes and places a high emphasis on your comfort, durability and safety.

When you are considering the choice of seats for your Motorhome it is vital that you think of comfort, durability, safety and most of all Transport Seating.

Our Motorhome seats have undergone rigorous static and dynamic tests, the test verifies the strength, design, materials and manufacture and are all in accordance with the Australian Design Rules and are legally certified.

The Department of Transport (Australia) have recognised and addressed the issue of the considerable stress and fatigue placed on both the occupants and the vehicle. The department is empowered to enforce compliance under the Australian Design Rules to ensure safety standards are met by the Manufacturing Industry. Transport Seating adheres without exception to these standards.

We recommend you seek advice from the Department of Transport in your state in reference to compliance and/or have the unit fitted by a certified motor vehicle engineer.

* Disclaimer - Note prices quoted do not include freight or fitting.
Sports Motorhome seat
Full Leather priced from $2,384.10 Plus GST*
Fabric priced from
$1,687.50 Plus GST*

Motorhome Signature Seat
Full Leather priced from $2,693.25 Plus GST*
Fabric priced from
$2,227.50 Plus GST*

Country Sofa
Full Leather - without arms
priced from $3,132 Plus GST*
Fabric - without arms
priced from
$2,497.50 Plus GST*